May 7, 2020

Updates @ Portage Lakes State Park

  • 1 Full Time Staff member working in the park.

  • New Courtesy Docks and Sidewalks at New Ramp. These improvements were funded through the U.S. Coast Guard Grant and will be a great addition to the popular launch ramp.

  • New LED lights have been installed at Old State Park boat ramp. These lights generate 500% more light than the 40+ year old sodium vapor bulbs and save the park over $550 dollars a year in energy costs, totaling a savings of over $6,200 over the next 10 years. The funding was acquired through application and approval of the U.S. Coast Guard Grant funds

  • All Speed/Ski Buoys have been placed in both activity areas (Turkeyfoot Lake and East Reservoir).

  • Boat swim buoys in Rex Lake have been placed. Cottage Grove boat swim plan to be placed next week along with No Wakes throughout the lakes.

  • Dredge Crews have begun to stage equipment in preparation for start in early Summer. The main dredge equipment/pieces will cost approx. $10,000 to be crane lifted/transported/placed at Portage Lakes from Grand Lake St. Mary’s over the next several weeks/months. The crew is excited to start a new project and create improved navigable waterways throughout the lake system.

Canals and Dams

  • Final work is to be completed for the ANS Project along the Canal starting next week.

  • The installation of a fountain aerator at West Reservoir plunge pool (State Mill Rd.) is being installed by canal staff.

  • Working towards eliminating suspicious activities along the Tuscarawas River Feeder canal.