About Portage Lakes Advisory Council

The Portage Lakes Advisory Council Board meets at 7 p.m. on the first Thursday of every month at the Kiwanis Civic Center. Please check our Calendar page for updates in case of a schedule change. All meetings are open to the public.

The Portage Lakes Advisory Council has a twelve member Board of Directors that is composed of four representatives from each of the communities of Coventry Township, the City of New Franklin, and the City of Green. Members may be lakes residents, lakes users, representatives of community organizations or neighborhood associations and local business owners. The Portage Lakes Advisory Council is a non-political, not for profit corporation which uses a variety of interests and cross functional approaches in a team framework to fulfill its mission.

Our Mission Statement

The Portage Lakes Advisory Council exists for persons interested in the well-being of the Portage Lakes and improving the quality of life within its watershed. Our mission is to:

Become an available resource to those who wish to learn more about the Portage Lakes while conducting educational programs to increase public awareness through communication with the local communities and government organizations. Discussion of issues that affect the Portage Lakes area shall provide an avenue for hearing concerns and ideas.

Promote both active and passive recreational use of the Portage Lakes that will enhance the quality of life and environment found throughout our communities. The Council endorses water quality improvement, wildlife and habitat preservation, conservation, pollution prevention, and noise reduction, law enforcement and safety patrols.

Evaluate the impact/success of projects and improvements strategies, consider possible follow-up activities, and make recommendations that help ensure the value added for the community or facility.

By fulfilling its mission, the Portage Lakes Advisory Council will make a significant and positive contribution to the Portage Lakes community and government agencies.

Board Members

Officers for


Jeff Noble


Jody Holloway

Vice President


Tom Fry


Steve Godar


Board of Directors for 2024

Coventry Township
  • John Sheppard
  • Judy Lancaster
  • Sean Fremon
  • Nancy Lesic
City of New Franklin
  • Steve Godar
  • Jody Holloway
  • Jim Stewart
  • Bryan Scot Kepler
City of Green
  • Tom Fry
  • Jeff Noble
  • Mike Rutherford
  • Melissa Millmier

Meeting Minutes are available below

Contact Information

68 Portage Lakes Drive Akron,Ohio 44319

Email: [email protected] | Call us: 330.618.1184