ATTENTION: Portage Lakes Residential Dock Permit Holders

It is that time of year again, ODNR will be sending out dock license renewals in the coming weeks.
ODNR has offered some notes that Portage Lakes Advisory Council is passing on to the residents.


Please note the following points:

  • All boats docked at permitted residential docks must be registered with ODNR through your dock permit. When you get your permit/contract renewal form, you will need to list the OH-numbers for each boat to be docked/moored.  The cost of one boat is included with each dock fee, a second boat results in additional fee per the schedule shown on the permit and summarized below.  More than two boats at a single dock is NOT permitted.  You are required to update the information received from ODNR and pay the corresponding fee based on your current situation (Number of boats and accessory structures) so that ODNR can update their files.
  • When you receive your dock and boat stickers upon payment of your yearly renewal fee. The stickers shall be affixed to the boat(s) and dock.  ODNR will be enforcing the sticker requirements; only registered and permitted boats noted on the dock contract and permit are to be moored.
  • Renting/Subleasing your dock is not permitted. Only with approval from the Chief of ODNR will a boat be permitted at a residential dock that is not registered to that address. Residents who violate this rule are subject to a fine and if they do not comply with the rule may have their dock permit revoked which will result in removal of the dock.

Dock Fee Structure

        Residential Dock (including one boat) – $90

        Each additional dock is $65 and includes one additional boat

        A second boat on a dock is an additional $65

        A boat lift or other accessory structure (existing boat garage) is an additional $65

Some Common Situations

  • One dock and one boat = $90
  • One dock ($90) and 2 boats ($65 for the additional boat) = $155
  • Two dock and two boats ($90+$65) = $155
  • One Dock ($90) with one boat on a lift ($65) is = $155
  • Two Docks ($90+$65) and 2 boats with one lift ($65) = ($90+$65+$65) = $220

Current Dock Fee Structure

Dock & Tie-ups from private land                                            $90
Added *structures or boats                                                      $65
*Tie-ups, lifts, added docks

Boathouses/covered dock from private land                        $100
Added *structures or boats                                                      $85
*Tie-ups, lifts, added docks

Dock & Tie-ups on state land                                                    $120
Added *structures or boats                                                      $95
*Tie-ups, lifts, added docks

Boathouses/covered dock on state land                                $130
Added *structures or boats                                                      $105
*Tie-ups, lifts, added docks

*Renting/subleasing of residential boat docks is not permitted.  A boats’ registration (OH-number) must be registered to the property owner (holder of the residential dock permit) or full-time renter of the property, unless specifically approved by ODNR.

If you have questions regarding your specific dock situation, please call Portage Lakes State Park


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