ATTENTION: Portage Lakes Residential Dock Permit Holders


It is that time of year again, ODNR will be sending out dock license renewals in the coming weeks.
ODNR has offered some notes that Portage Lakes Advisory Council is passing on to the residents.

Please note the following points:

Applicable fees are listed on your contract. Please note that all private dock contracts must be renewed by the deadline on your notice or a $25 late fee will be assessed in addition to the late fees. If your contract is not renewed annually, you are at risk of losing your docking privileges according to Ohio Administrative Code 1501:41-12-13.

Please review your contract and update your information making not of changes in mailing address, phone or boat information. ODNR encourages you to include the physical address of the property associated with your dock if different than our mailing address. If you are docking more watercraft than what is listed in your contract, it is your responsibility to notify the park office, as docks will be continuously reviewed by Park Administration and Natural Resource Officers throughout the season. Please include your email address on the contract.

Once payment is received with your signed contract, your mylar stickers will be mailed to you along with a copy of your dock contract. Natural Resource Officers will be using the mylar stickers to make visual checks to ensure that all docks are registered and valid for the current season.

REMINDER: before any work is done on or adjacent to state park property, including dock and deck repairs and construction, seawalls, etc., a permit must be obtained from the park office. Please don’t hesitate to ask what activities require a permit.


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